Crippen’s Country Inn & Restaurant To Set a New Course

  Crippen’s owners and founders, Jimmy and Carolyn Crippen will relocate their permanent residence to Florida and have closed the landmark Crippen’s Country Inn and Restaurant.

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  Blowing Rock, NC (Jan. 25, 2013) Jimmy and Carolyn Crippen, the owners and founders of Crippen’s Country Inn and Restaurant announced yesterday that they’re writing a new chapter in their lives. Crippen’s, one of Blowing Rock’s first fine dining restaurants in the 1990s, is one of the city’s best-known culinary spots, a destination beloved by tourists and longtime residents.

 “I am going to focus on Competition Dining fulltime, and I’m closing the restaurant and inn,” Crippen says. As the founder of Fire on the Rock, Crippen burned up the highways and promoted local chefs and NC ingredients last year when the GOT TO BE NC Competition Dining Series took his concept statewide. Crippen emceed all of the competitions from Blowing Rock, Wilmington, the Triad and the Triangle. This year, the series is adding two more destinations, and Crippen is committed to becoming a fulltime road warrior.

 “It is time for me to focus on Competition Dining, a concept that was born right here in Blowing Rock,” Crippen says. He and Carolyn Crippen will also relocate their permanent residence to Florida to be closer to their children. “Everyone in this town knows how much this place means to me. I’m not gone forever... I’ll be back in April for the eight Fire on the Rock dinners. You can’t get rid of me!

 “This town has made me who I am. And part of me will remain in Blowing Rock,” Crippen says. He says the decision was not an easy one, but he thinks it’s the right thing for his family and for his business.

 Jimmy and Carolyn Crippen send a heartfelt thank you to all the talented, dedicated staff at the inn and restaurant who worked alongside them over the years. The two are also grateful to the town of Blowing Rock, NC and the locals and customers from across the region who are a part of the destination’s success. They invite everyone to share their favorite Crippen’s memories on the restaurant’s facebook page through Valentine’s Day.

 “There aren’t words to say how grateful I am,” Crippen says. The restaurant has garnered multiple awards and media placements over the years, including a visit to the James Beard House, coverage in The New York Times, and recent stories in local and regional media outlets.






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