The proper way to clean and care your Oriental rugs.

Rug cleaning

A wide variety of materials are used for making an Oriental rug. Most of the common Oriental rugs are made using wool pile. But there are many Oriental rugs which use cotton warp and weft. Weft is the base foundation in a rug. Knots are tied into this foundation to create the pile. Weft is used for strengthening the rug from all sides. The weft is laid between the knots on the foundation both over and under the warp strings. Since cotton threads weaken with constant exposure to water, an oriental rug with cotton foundation is weakened and in some extreme cases rot, in presence of excess moisture.

One of the most common causes of dampness in rugs is the placement of potted plants directly on the rug. Whenever the plant is watered, the leaking water from the pot runs into the underlying rug and dampens it. The rug stays permanently damp as there is no ventilation. If this is allowed to happen continuously for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, the foundation can become so weak that one can tear out the chunks of the rug with bare hands.

Therefore, it is recommended to place any potted plants on a stool with slim legs or any other support which allows for ventilation under the planter. One should also check whether the rug is completely dry after watering the plants.

After watering, the Persian rug pad, if present, should be cleaned. Keep in mind that damp and low quality oriental rug pads are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Rugs in the basement or in any other areas below ground level are also affected by dampness. In case of flooding in the basement, one should completely remove the rug and dry it completely after cleaning to enhance its life. However, this is not the most common cause of damp rugs in the basement. Most of the times, a rug absorbs moisture when placed over the damp floor.

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The Best Way To Keep Your Area Rugs Clean.

clean your rug

Keeping you area rugs as clean as possible can be a problem for a lot of people, but if you follow these very simple tips for deep cleaning, spot-cleaning and basic care, your rugs will always look their best.
Removing dirt from large rugs is relatively easily accomplished simply by vacuuming them regularly. If you have a reversible rug then make sure that you vacuum both sides. By doing this you will successfully remove grime and grit that are responsible for constant wearing out of your rug.
Make sure that you brush out any pet hair, as vacuum will often leave some of it behind. The best way to do this is by using a stiff brush while following the direction of the rug's nap. Turning the rugs every year is a good way to minimize the stress inflicted on area rugs by sun or foot traffic. Try turning them twice a year in order to even out the wear.
How To Clean Various Types of Rugs
Every type of rug needs a unique cleaning care. Here are some tips on how to take proper care of different types of rugs.

Braided and Woven Rugs
Before and after cleaning these types of rugs make sure to check your rug for any signs of stitching breaks. Checking labels in order to determine whether you can actually wash your braided rugs is a must. If they are eligible, then simply put them in a laundry bag or a zippered pillowcase. Use cool water to wash them on a very gentle cycle, while rinsing thoroughly. Drying should be at a low setting. Large braided rugs should be placed on a concrete floor or on a vinyl. Use a high-quality carpet-cleaning foam over the entire rug and rub it thoroughly while following the product directions. Rinse or vacuum at the end and dry intensely.

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Top Five Area Rug Cleaning Tips

clean your rug

Cleaning an area rug can be a problem, especially if you have left it for a long time, However, it really should be done frequently because dust mites and microbes can multiply and can be dangerous for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and so on. Here are our top five area rug cleaning tips that will have your rugs looking like new in no time.

1. Vacuum the area rug. Many people who have a dirty area rug get straight on with the wet cleaning process without vacuuming it first. However, this is a big mistake. You need to vacuum the rug first in order to get rid of loose dust and debris which will make the cleaning process much easier. All you need is a domestic vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one you can always use a broom to sweep out dust and loose particles.

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Best Ways of Cleaning a Carpet

Using a carpet has a flooring material has various advantages and merits but then cleaning them can be difficult due to stains from spills. But one can learn ways of cleaning the carpet to keep it looking great and lasting for longer. This ways include stain removal, vacuuming and deep cleaning. The color, texture and pattern of the carpets make a home feel warmer. Dirt and grit can damage the carpet fibers, vacuuming regularly is the first step in preventing the dirt and grit. But still to keep them looking great, they should be cleaned on a regular basis. In areas with high traffic, cleaning the carpet thoroughly should be done after 12 to 18 months. For those with kids, pets and with carpets of lighter color, then cleaning the carpet thrice a year is recommended. The cleaning guidelines from the manufacture of the carpet should always be followed.

clean your rug

How to test for colorfastness

Some carpets will fade, bleed or change when they are been cleaned. One should check if the carpet is color fast (will not bleed or fade). The cleaning method will be affected depending on how colorfast a carpet is. One can test if their carpet is colorfast by following the simple steps below:

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Top 5 Tips To Remove Carpet Stains

Carpet stains can be caused by very many different things, and no matter what caused the stains, it is always an eyesore. Stains can be a pain to get out of your carpet, but with a few simple tips to cleaning the affected areas, the process can be made much easier. Below are 5 important tips on how to remove carpet stains.

How to Remove Carpet Stains

1. Remove the stain immediately If something spills on your carpet, it’s extremely important that you treat the stain immediately. Waiting even for 5 minutes can give the substance time to sink deeper into your carpet. Scrape off any excess solid using a solid spoon or a butter knife as soon as you can so you can stop the spill from becoming a permanent stain. Take a clean, white absorbent cloth and start to clean the excess liquid.

cleaning carpet
2. Be Gentle

The key to effectively removing the stains from your carpet is to be gentle. A common misconception is that too much scrubbing and rubbing will reduce the stain. However, this will only damage your carpet fibers. Instead of scrubbing aimlessly, use a clean, absorbent cloth and gently clean the affected area. Begin at the outside and work your in to prevent the stain from spreading.

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Care of your rugs

Rugs can add color, warmth and composition to a given room. You can without much of a stretch change the room's look and give it a new air by purchasing new rugs or cleaning your old ones. Consider the following 8 tips for cleaning different categories of rugs. Mat forethought is dictated by size, development, and material.

Fundamental Care Tips for Rugs

Tip #1: Storage. When putting away a floor covering (particularly an overwhelming winter one), ensure that you have it professionally wrapped and cleaned before putting away in a controlled atmosphere which can cause it harm.

Tip #2: Taking Care Of Tags. When you buy another floor covering, keep the forethought label in place, or record it with your family unit support and furniture document for later reference.

cleaning carpet
Tip #3: Bigger rugs. Care for vast size rugs as you would do for any other floor covering. Fine oriental carpet rugs as well as those which feature exquisite materials oblige exceptional forethought.

Tip #4: Smaller rugs. Small rugs, for example those utilized at doorways, are hard to vacuum. Therefore, make sure to take them in an outer environment and shake them energetically until dust and earth are no more apparent. (A few urban areas have laws against this once normal practice.) You can additionally hang rugs on a clothesline or strong open air furniture piece and beat them with a sweeper as to evacuate dust and earth.

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Carpet Cleaning Tools and tips

A good carpet adds value color and texture to your home. A clean carpet is not only healthy for everyone around, it can also prolong the life of your carpet. A clean carpet will also help to keep your carpet free from allergens, bugs and carpet beetles. Frequent cleaning and care can easily achieve this. However pro cleaning can be quite expensive and you may want to look for a cheaper method to maintain your carpet as it may not be feasible to call a professional every time you have a stain situation. Here are some tools and tips that you can use to ensure your carpet remains clean, attractive and long lasting.

Carpet cleaning tools

Some of the tools you could have for the necessary cleaning of your carpet are a vacuum cleaner, steamers (with necessary accessories), carpet shampoos, pre-sprays and rubber gloves. Note steamers can be hired from local cleaning store or grocery stores. However you may have to buy the accessories. Cleaning tips

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Decorate With Your Oriental Rugs

When you're the owner of an Oriental rug gallery, you get asked a whole load of questions from people that have received a rug in their inheritance or have been thinking about a purchase. That's why I've come up with these ideas, they should be useful to these people. The most commonly asked question is if you're able to use a rug on wall to wall carpet. The answer is yes, around about 40% of rugs that have been bought are selected to add a "look" to a room, whether it's through their mood or color. A shorter pile broadloom would be the optimal wall to wall carpet to place an area rug on top of. If the broadloom's pile is too lengthy, the entire rug will have a much greater tendency to slip around the room. It's easy to solve this problem with a rug pad, but if you've got a shorter pile carpet then there shouldn't be any issues here.
When you've got a smaller rug, there's a much greater number of places that it's able to be used at. Here's a few ideas for their placement. Bear in mind that a smaller rug will be around the 3x5, 4x6 and small runner region.

cleaning carpet
Placements include:

the end of the bedthe side of the bedin front of a group of small furnituredraped across a dining tablein front of a fireplacean entryway
Back in the time when Turkish rugs were first being imported to Europe, it was a rare sight to see one of them placed on the floor. There's a plethora of paintings of members of Court or wealthy merchants that are stood proud next to their most prized rug, placed across a table.

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